SoundVille concentrates on high quality hi-fi speakers, music frameworks, home theatre and specialised audio/video equipment. We are one of those few organisations who offer genuine AV solutions and satisfied services in music and motion pictures at home.

Our soundproofing services in Noida or elsewhere entail timely delivery, innovative designs, excellent products and the best customer experiences. Whether it be the installation of a home theatre system in Noida or acoustical treatments for commercial and residential spaces, we cater to a variety of industries as reflected by a wide-ranging clientele. 

We are concerned about the preferences of individuals and that’s why we offer unique services as per the customer’s requirements related to sound & vision. We welcome everyone who wants to come and explore the display of the products they are interested in.

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Our Services


We’ll help you in turning your dream into reality related to home theatre by providing reasonably priced and customised packages.


There’s never been a superior time to revive your enthusiasm for gathering and tuning in the stunning sound with Hi-Fi System.


We offer custom home theatre equipment from hi-fi brands that make excellent looking Home Cinema.


Occasionally, there are issues related to sound depending upon the room size or in some cases the room may need soundproofing.

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